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Hello Emery!

Just wanted to send you a couple of photos of the new cart!  We are having a lot of fun with it! Just want to say thanks for you help in getting this great vehicle!  It was pretty easy to put together and I think we have it all dialed in for our horse!  It is the perfect cart for the terrain where we live and play .  The color is perfect!

Thanks again!

Jeanne and Lauren Mitchell

Wiggins, CO

Thought you might like to see the Mini Pony Cart in action.  This was at the Equestrians Institute CDE in Auburn, WA this month.  I got excellent comments on the cart and how well balanced it is. This pony is 35.5’’ tall.

Dear Mr. Weaver,

Just a note of how wonderfully well the M-100 Small Pony Batmobile drives!  It is sooooooo much easier to get in and out of than another small pony carriage I looked at recently while at a CDE. I can also tell you the WCC holds up well to rigorous work on trails!

Thanks ever so!

Joanie Wilson

As a youngster, I raced dirt bikes in UK, and took the John Watson Racing Driver's School at Silverstone, so I have a pretty good eye for a line, and know how a vehicle should react. I get a good feel from the M-100.

The carriage is everything I hoped for. I goes where I want it to, stays balanced and gives my beat up old spine a much better ride than the previous vehicle. My gator, who has ridden in most types of marathon carriage, liked the ride and the set up of the back step. She looks forward to when we start cantering hazards.

Here is a shot of the boys, at the end of the dressage test, taken by another trainer's husband.

Roger Cleverly

Oakdale CA

WCC handles the ocean WELL!

- Frances & Wayne Baker

Probably the smoothest riding, most elegant vehicle that I have ever driven. I love my WCC carriages. I have a total of four of them. You never can have enough of a good thing.

- Frances Baker, Deleware

Tina Sully & Louise Fish WCC MODEL O in the water in Canada


If you did this for a living, wouldn't you have a WCC too?

- Randy Bird

When the going gets tough, a WCC will keep going"

(Snow Blizzard in Canada, 0 Degrees)

- Randy Bird

What A Great Carriage Ride!

The Dupont family of Winston Salem, North Carolina, enjoying

their first family drive in their new Mustang M-200, April 2008.

As you can see we had great fun today :) The Batmobile is now well-christened! Doesn't Maggie Mae look happy?

- Pat Belskie

Pat Belskie of Southern Pines, North Carolina, enjoying her new M-130 Pony Batmobile.

One of me and Amigo with the Batmobile winning the Rocky Mountain Carriage Club's 2006 Fall Follies Marathon and the other one of me and Amigo fording the Colorado River at the Rocky Mountain National Park in September, 2006.

- Jack

Here are a couple photos from last weeks show at Blackprong. We came in 4th out of 17. The two shows before that we won...Love the carriage!!

- Julie

We sure do enjoy our carriage. We go on regular rides on the farm. Always see deer or turkey. Saw a coyote the other day. It is very dependable, solid, and quiet. Thanks,

- Mark Binder

I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the carriage you custom made for us. It has worked perfectly for us in training pairs to go into our larger 18th c vehicles. It has met all our needs and we use it regularly. Thank you for working with us on this.

Best regards,

Richard Nicoll

Director Coach & Livestock Dept

Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

Attached is a picture that appeared on the front newspaper page of the "Bennington Banner" [VT] on Monday Sept 24th. The mustang is everything you said it would be; stable, well-designed and comfortable for everyone. And since I purchased it from you in October 2006, I haven't used another carriage either for singles or pairs except for when I pleasure show! Thanks for a great product.....

- Kathleen Conklin

Just a quick note to say I continue to be pleased with the Model 0. We have used it for hill toping at two hunts and everyone who rides on it has indicated that it looks great and also has a better ride than any other carriage they have ridden upon. I finally got a chance to drive a few obstacles here on the farm with it yesterday and it is unbelievable. We had both of our Jack Russells on the carriage and Aileen did not have to do much at all to keep it stable through some really tight turns. The delayed steering makes an enormous difference that appeared to give me at least an extra foot to play with in some really tight turns. Now the plan is to continue to work with my large pony pair to improve the dressage! I also am finding the Model 0 excellent to practice many dressage movements when we are driving around our neighborhood. I cannot wait to get it out in competition next year with the pair and the Model 0.

We have used the Model 0 for our pony unicorn hitch also and it is an excellent vehicle for training the multiple.

Needless to say I am pleased as punch with the Model 0 and thank you for all your assistance in getting it absolutely right for my pair. Knowing I have the help of a knowledgeable and honest importer/dealer with a full parts supply is so important in owning a carriage and you are TOPS!" - Ed Hopkins- Maryland

The WCC M-2000 retractable shaft carriage is the finest carriage I have ever owned! It is sooo stable across country in the obstacles.

Gayle Saunders, Florida

I have been so happy with the WCC carriages that I purchased from you. When I decided that I wanted to change from a 2-wheeled carriage to a 4-wheeled CDE carriage for my cob pony, my husband, who is very knowledgeable in equipment design, inspected CDE carriages made by different manufacturers. After a diligent comparison, he was impressed with the first-class quality of the WCC Batmobile carriage: materials & welding, components (breaks), paint, upholstery. It was plainly obvious that WCC produces a superior product. When I wanted a second carriage for daily driving, we automatically looked at WCC carriages and decided upon a WCC SOLUX Wagonette. The decision on where to go for best customer service was another easy decision. So thank you for always having prompt service for all of our driving needs!

Brenda Whicker

Michael Brauchle of Germany, winner of the 2013 Riesenbeck Driving Marathon, beating all the top team drivers in the world, and also winning the derby class driving the all-new ECC/WCC S-600 Team Marathon Vehicle.

"Truly a great carriage, it is the very best." - Michael Brauchle

"My 3rd WCC carriage! Another winner! This is a great carriage and I feel very safe in it - WCC carriages are the best in carriage craftsmanship! This picture is pony Eddy - 10.3 - and he easily pulls this carriage. Thanks again for advising me on this carriage." - Brenda Whicker

Attached is a photograph of my Welsh Hooligans running Prelim Pairs Pony at Clay Station Equestrian Park HDT on October 31. The cones course was very tricky, and tight, but we did not knock anything down. Our dressage score of 40.73 was a best ever, and marathon was a breeze. We won the class with a very decent score of 104.42. The M-100 is proving to be an excellent vehicle, and the swivel crab has made a huge difference.

Roger M. Cleverly

One - Two Carriage Driving

Oakdale CA 95361

New pony with a new carriage, they look awesome together! The carriage is perfect, for both of us; lighter weight and easier entry.

Thank for your assistance!