Training & Wagonette Carriages

WCC Forest Training & Wagonette Carriages

WCC Forest Training - Draft horse carriage. Four-wheel brakes, 10' pole with SS end, pneumatic wheels, SS Side Bumpers.

Price $12,395.00

Shafts optional for $540.00
SS lead evener optional for $595.00

Current stock.
Black with ivory pinstriping, brown upholstery.
Black with ivory pinstriping, black upholstery.
Maroon with ivory striping, black upholstery. Sold


Length: 110 inches
Width: 60 inch tread width
Height: 73 inches
Wheel Height: 39" back & 36" front, OAH
Weight: 950 lbs.

WCC Mustang M-200

WCC-M-200 MUSTANG - Single and pair, front and rear brakes, changeable hubs, pneumatic and marathon wheels.

Special order only. Prices start at $9 495.00


Length: 85 inches
Width: 50 inches
Height: 65 inches
Wheel Height: 28 inches OAH
Weight: approx. 548 lbs.

WCC Forest Training & Marathon Carriage

WCC Forest Training & Marathon carriage. Front and rear brakes, Shafts, Wedge seat is movable to center of carriage.

Price $8,995.00
Team Tongue available for $750.00

Coming soon:
-Black with black upholstery
-Black with brown upholstery


Length: 89 inches
Width: 55 inches
Height: 71 inches
Wheel Height: 32 inches OAH
Weight: approx. 700 lbs.