M-100 Marathon Carriage

WCC M-100 Mini - Small Pony Batmobile

WCC M-100 Mini - Small Pony Batmobile Marathon. FEI Compliant, Front and rear brakes, fifth wheel brakes, map pocket, lamp brackets, speedometer, wedge cover and changeable hubs.

Current stock.
Black with black upholstery, ivory hub. Price $6,375.00
Dark blue with dark blue upholstery, ivory hub. Price $6,375.00 Sold
Dark Blue with black upholstery. SS side bumpers, SS telescopic shafts. Price $6649.00 Sold
Pneumatic wheels available for $1,350.00


Length: 70 Inches
Width: 49.25 Inches 125cm
Height: 47 Inches
Wheel Height: 23.5 Inches
Weight: Approx. 280 lbs.